Special Features of the Graduate Program

The Department provides financial assistance primarily for the support of students in their research and the completion of their degrees rather than to provide low cost instructors. Nonetheless, the Department is concerned to teach students to teach in order to prepare them for employment in universities and colleges. Teaching Assistants begin leading a weekly section of our award winning “PHIL 101” Introduction to Philosophy course under the supervision of a faculty member who lectures and oversees the training of students as teachers. Later in their program students have an opportunity to be sole instructor of their own course, under the mentorship of a faculty member.  

The Department also has an active Philosophy for Children program with outreach to the public schools in which graduate students may participate. Last year, graduate students in the Department organized and led our first philosophy summer camp “Eurekamp!” for children, and plans are afoot for a “Philosopher in Residence” program in public schools that graduate students will participate in.  

Graduate students are also active in presenting their research at conferences and colloquia, with some financial assistance available for travel expenses, and in their own colloquium called the “Publishing Support Group (PSG)” where graduate students read and discuss their papers.